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About me

        My name is Lucas and I live in Jaworzno. I like working as a webdesigner, making websites and optimizing them in google. With my help, you can improve the online profile of your company.

         For the creation of useful systems based content management I use the system Drupal.

          I am confident that my skills will be satisfactory and beneficial for you.

         On this site is also information about private and conversation class in Portuguese, Spanish and English. The lessons are given by my wife Camila.





How look partnership?

  • Step 1  - determine the details of project, requirements, suggestions
  • Step 2 - development project, in the absence of amendments begin the project
  • Step 3 - testing of the project by the client, making any amendments
  • Step 4 - receipt of project


Web design

  • designing and web design
  • designing and developing corporate websites
  • designing and developing rich sites, based on content management system (CMS Drupal)
  • positioning and optimization of websites in google

Have any questions?

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+48 608 416 358